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tv   Washington Journal Simon Conway Previews 2017  CSPAN  January 3, 2017 1:09am-1:20am EST

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charlottesville, virginia. the guest: my new year's resolution is to do a better job of podcasts. i promise my listeners we will do more podcasts. are screen because the rock people that like to protest and harassed business owners even if you don't live anywhere near where those businesses are. host: joe thomas, tha we've heard from opinionists on the east coast, opinions on the joining us from iowa, another opinionist. talk show host, mr. conway, good morning. caller: good morning. it is interesting have you gone real h coasts and now in america. host: what is the message from real america as far as the
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lection with the incoming congress and new administration? guest: job one, you have got to the v.a., it is absolute indictment of our nation how we people who come home having defended our freedom. die og wait lists, this is disgusting, it is indictment well,cialized medicine, as that is for a whole other day. what we do to our veterans has be fixed. it is not even that complicated, it is a fairly simple fix. have to let them do it and hopefully it will happen days v.a. hundred overhauled. that doesn't mean there are bad medics and nurses and doctors, there are excellent people who absolutely want to do the best veterans, unfortunately, like most of d.c., bureaucracy out of its own way. host: as far as you said a imple fix, what is that fix in your mind? guest: that fix is, you come
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back and you are honorably our service, we give a card and you go anywhere v.a.ike, including the give you small code, you should have skin in the game, we take you.of that is the deal, right? they go over there, they sign up. what, re saying, you know i'm willing to die for this country. our part of that bargain is when come back, we're going to take care of you. if you are broken, we'll take and fix it. we have not had that bargain for a very long time. this isn't republican or democrat, this is about real people, real lives, who are and it is our fault, we need to fix it. host: the new congress gets tomorrow. looking at it, especially under republican rule and especially president, aside from the v.a., what should be top of the agenda? affordable care act and other issues, including infrastructure, what other they take up aside from the v.a.?
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guest: illegal immigration. a talk show host, i've i'veviewed jemelle shore, interviewed the family of sara law., sara's i've interviewed laura wiltlt kerson, many parents who lost childrenats the hands of illegal immigrants. it has to stop. dealing with a guy, an alleged rapist, who we times.ed 19 how is that even possible? 19 times. of a is now accused very serious rape. it is another thing weave to fix. should be he wall built, that is only part of the problem. illegal immigration problem in this country is visa fix all ofwe need to it. it is not about mexico or peep frel one part of the world. guarantee, we have illegal immigrants from the land of my england, guarantee they are here. we need to deal with it and make
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priority. things we need to do, we need a strong military. that is n air force going to museums right now to get parts. what is that? have the smallest navy since world war ii. soldiers who rmy are dealing with sub-standard quipment, that needs to be a priority. and going back to illegal mmigration, by the way, if you have sanctuary cities out there, getting one dime of federal tax we need to yank all of it. host: when it comes to immigration policies, do you donald trump literally as far as what he wants to do? symbolically, t what do you think should be the perspective for those when it immigration?gal guest: job one, find illegal mmigrants, as far as i'm concerned, they have broken the law, to use the word criminal is a difficult word. the country illegally has broken the law.
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to find the first people, the gangs and the seriously violent people like rape thaft i've been talking about and we kicked out 19 times. e need to find all of those people. we need to give ice the power, the help, the support, which has been so sadly we ing for eight years, and need to get those people first them ck them out or lock up, only two choices they get. they get kicked out or locked up back, we tell them, if we find you, you come back fter this deportation, 25 years, not one day less than 25 up.s will you be locked host: simon conway, talk show iowa, ut of des moines, who radio, born in london, also career as r 16-year-old journalist at jerusalem post. true, yes, sir. host: what do you think about
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u.n. regarding e settle sxment obama administration's perspective on topic? guest: the obama administration has had absolutely no feelings whatsoever, they were waiting until they were absolutely out to stab our closest allie in the middle east in the back, i might add.s, i don't think i have ever seen a president about to leave office, knowing they are about to leave office, hand power over to the party, who has deliberately gone out of his way, gone out of his way, to problems for incoming administration. it is disgraceful what we've witnessing the last few weeks and hopefully incoming be as good on will as its word. first symbolic thing to do to administration and what they are saying about supporting israel, most symbolic is move our ambassador to
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jerusalem. it is law in this country, a believe, every six months, has to sign a waiver to do it. will not no law that needs to be created president donald trump doesn't sign the waiver and we jerusalem,assador in where the law of this land says it is supposed to be. so many other things i want to about, as well, concealed carry, for example. second amendment issues. got a conce carry in iowa, i should be able to carry in the other state union. idiculous we to not have a national carry law. please don't talk about gun laws, the most strict city in united states has just murder rate that if it was in people die in 0 chicago fthat was afghanistan, we'd be saying, send thousands troops to put this right or be pulling everybody sxout bringing them home. we put up with this if there were this many murders in
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afanistan, ar n. one american city, we need to address the second amendment. things, i lots of don't know how much time we have. time left.tle you be nothing des moines, how soon before you hear talk of people visiting the state and showing interest for the white house? the : well, i think outside, two years, i think it will be way before that. months here in 12 to just feeling the water across who. be president and you're smart about it, come and it in the studio at who, the radio station where president ronald reagan used to work hollywood, he to was with us for five years. host: that is where you will conway, can folks see your show or hear your show on e web? guest: absolutely. who on iheart radi ou will see a listen live
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button, press that or onniheart me at simon llow radio, 17 tlt 76 at simon radio 1776. i often tell what you is going on. i interviewed incoming president 16 times over 18 months, the come on my matter do show. host: [applause] ♪ the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday, january 20. c-span will have live coverage of all the day's events and ceremonies. watch live on c-span and, and listen live on the free c-span radio app.
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>> more than 300 members of the u.k.'s youth parliament, age 11 to 18, gathered recently for their annual debate. the first segment looked at cuts to the uk's national health service, with a focus on mental health services. this is about 50 minutes. >> thank you very much. a very friendly bunch this year. in previous years it hasn't been this friendly, but thank you. order, order. welcome to the eight sitting at the uk youth parliament in the house of commons chamber. this marks the beginning of uk


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